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jonandkatepic.jpgWill it ever end?!
The new issue of US Weekly features more information on Jon Gosselin, star of TLC’s hit reality show, “Jon & Kate Plus 8,” and his alleged affair with Deanna Hummel, the woman whom he was seen getting into a car with after leaving a Pennsylvania bar. Kate was across the country promoting her new book, “Eight Little Faces.” The kids? Who knows where they were? Perhaps off playing with matchbooks and razor blades.
Hummel’s brother and roommate, Jason, has confirmed to the magazine that Deanna is having an affair with Gosselin, and that he would visit Hummel’s home.
“She’s a nice girl, not a homewrecker,” Jason told the magazine “He is a bad liar. This isn’t healthy for her. But she is refusing to help herself, so here I am trying to help her myself. I hope this clears the air.”
Jason also said: “A lot of the time, it was pretty, um, gross listening to her, you know, um — how do I say this? The walls are thin. Let’s just say that. I mean, no one wants to hear his sister having sex, let alone with a married dude who’s, like, almost twice her age and who has eight kids and a maybe-crazy wife. Ick. Nast.”
Nast, indeed.
US has also posted a recent video of Gosselin leaving Hummel’s home. At 7:30 a.m. The media outlet doesn’t say from who they obtained the footage, though it is believed (by me) that Jason Hummell provided it.
Earlier this week, Jon & Kate gave an exclusive interview to, in which Jon denies having an affair. He says:
“It’s really upsetting. I may be guilty of choosing the wrong time and place to hang out with my friends, but I am not guilty of cheating on my wife. It hurts me to see what it’s done to my family, and it’s scary to know that these tabloids are in town constantly following us and even paying locals large amounts of money to contribute to these negative stories. It’s even gotten so bad that [one tabloid] has reached out to a youth pastor from our church, which in my eyes is completely unacceptable.”

Kate seems to be standing by her man–for the time being anyway–though cites Jon’s bad behavior.
She says:
“It’s disturbing and unfortunate that these tabloids have gone as far as they have to try and bring us down. Jon’s poor judgment and irresponsible behavior has also without a doubt caused some added tension and stress between the two of us.”
She also told Larry King that Jon was dealing “very poorly” with being in the public eye.
Sure, some tabloid reporters would do anything to get a story, but as far as trying to “bring down” the Gosselins, I’m thinking they’re doing a good enough job on their own. If Jon didn’t make it so easy for the media to catch him in compromising situations, he wouldn’t be in this mess. And if Kate stopped for a minute and listened to Jon’s concerns about having the family’s life aired so publically (I think it’s safe to say from last season’s finale that Jon would be happier not doing the show), maybe he wouldn’t be looking to escape to bars and college parties.
To learn more about the Gosselins, read our interview with Kate Gosselin.
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