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williamdonohueonsouthpark.jpgThe New York Times likes to profile William Donahue, president of the Catholic League, as much as it likes to quote his bombastic attacks on perceived enemies of the church. The ex-marine and one-man Defender of the Faith makes for great copy. But today’s profile–the Times’ third in a decade, in addition to more than 600 other mentions in the 16 years since Donahue took over the reins of the league–is the first to depict him as an affable gramps with a “gap-toothed smile,” an off-camera pal of atheist Christopher Hitchens who chortles at the lunatic portrait of him on the blaspheming cartoon show “South Park.”
Is Donahue mellowing, or is “Angels & Demons” so bad that the Times in all sincerity has to side with the Catholic Church on this one?
(By the way, the reviews are in. Find out what Movie Mom Nell Minow, Pontifications’ David Gibson, and Idol Chatter’s Donna Freitas all had to say about “Angels & Demons”.)
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