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AmyGrantPicforIdolchatter.jpgOne of the most interesting media stories of our generation–in terms of personal development, professional growth and spiritual relevance–has been the journey of Amy Grant. From Evangelical Christian Music Star to Pop Music Crossover Success to Country Singer to Celebrity Star Couple–she’s managed to emerge, re-emerge, and remain relevant as an inspiring force whom the media isn’t always quite sure what to do with.
Well Grant is back in the limelight again, appearing recently on NBC’s “The Today Show” as part of a tour promoting a new music and video release designed to promote the value of women and raise funds for cancer research. (See the interview.)
“She Colors My Day” and “Unafraid” are the two main cuts on the new EP from Grant, who has sold more than 30 million albums, won 6 Grammys, and ranks as the 19th best female solo artist of all-time according to CNN research. The profits from the project–along with a companion photo and art book–will go to fund cancer research and programs for women battling cancer.
Her inspiration for the project came from fellow artist and Nashville friend Ruth McGinnis, who is in her third bout of ovarian cancer. The project’s producer lost a child to cancer.

And even in the promotion, Ms. Grant continues to confine those who would categorize her. She talked about life with her “partner,” Vince Gill, a no-no word for traditional evangelicals, yet also quoted the Bible: “love casts out fear.”
And this Memorial Day weekend, she’s also continuing to promote a service to help disabled veterans find housing, jobs, and ways to recreate.
Amy Grant continues to be relevant in ways that transcend what the media knows how to cover. And beyond genres and marriages and controversy and expectations, she still has that wonderful voice that makes good music beautiful and inspires others to act for positive change in a world in desperate need of it.
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