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ayeletpic.jpgThe cinematic adaptation of Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons” hits American theaters on May 15 and follows symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) and Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer) as they solve a mystery surrounding the Vatican during a conclave. Zurer talks to Sara Shereen Bakhshian for Beliefnet about the opportunity to work with Hanks and director Ron Howard, preparing for her role, and her ultimate hopes.
What made you want to be a part of “Angels & Demons”?
First of all because Ron [Howard was] directing, and I’ve seen every movie he has done. I really adore his work, and I thought it would be lovely. On top of that: Tom Hanks. [It was] thrilling because he’s one of my favorite actors. And to be able to work with those two, I could really dance the polka if they asked me. Then I thought it would be a great opportunity to portray [Vittoria Vetra] who is modern and smart, very well driven to get what she thinks is right. At the same time in a situation that is highly dramatic.
What particularly intrigued you about the character Vittoria Vetra?
I think it is cool to be able to portray a woman who is young and belongs to a generation of women who don’t necessarily have to fight to express themselves–a generation… who are educated, and even though she comes from a world that is still dominated by men… she is quite equal to the boys. At the same time she is very feminine.
What was it like solving a mystery with an iconic actor such as Tom Hanks?
Oh, phenomenal. I mean Tom is just so much fun to be with. We had endless conversations about any subject in the world. From the acting point of view, it was again a superb experience because he is such a talented actor, talented man, and funny. He has really deep perceptions of ideas. So all together, I kind of feel this was one of the best experiences I had and maybe will have.
You’ve mentioned the significance of understanding the science [in the film]. How did you prepare for the role?
It was important to me not only to express the words with understanding, but also I was very curious about it. I felt very lucky to be able to dig into it as part of my job. I’ve always had questions about how things work and why it was that way. From all kinds of perspectives, from the physical to the spiritual. I mainly used the Internet and YouTube because my memory works really well with visualization. … To really understand gravitational forces, anything that has picture in movement will be better for me.

A role in the television show “Betipul” led you to an academy award in Israel. How does it feel to have its American adaptation “In Treatment” on HBO?
I am so happy. I am happy for the people that created that show, tremendously proud of what they have done and how they achieved it. I think in Israel there is so much talent in the TV world because there’s less movies done. So all the talent goes to TV and I can see how this could happen. I hope it will happen more.
What do you ultimately aspire for in your career?
I do hope I have a chance to play different roles and to work with those great directors that I hoped for and dreamed for. I hope it is going to keep on going that way.
–Sara Shereen Bakhshian
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