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Recently fellow blogger Donna asked Idol Chatter readers if they were getting into tweeting as evangelism on messaging and social networking device Twitter. Now with Easter only a short time away, several pop culture watchers are asking a different question: What would Jesus tweet?
Many a person in the blogosphere has speculated on the question of how Jesus would use this modern technology to communicate the gospel, but one article that really caught my eye was George Pitcher’s column over at the UK paper The Telegraph. According to Pitcher, if Jesus was giving a second by second accounting of his final days on Earth before his crucifixion it might go something like this: “Have decided to go to Jerusalem– it’s just something I must do….arrived on the back of a mule– lots of hosannas and palm leaves, but a week’s a long time in Roman politics…Lost it a bit with the money-changers at the Temple, but they’re going to have to listen now”

Pitcher makes the point that he thinks modern technology is actually a great way to integrate the sacred with the secular to make people take notice and he is certainly not the only one. The Church of England is also exploiting the fast-paced instant gratification of Twitter and the social networking website Facebook through their :”Live, Love , Lent” campaign. Or you could even check out these Twiiter updates over at the parables of a prodigal world website.
I personally have to confess I am a little skeptical of using impersonal technology to convey such a personal message as the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, but then again, I am so far behind the times technology-wise that I only this week finally got around to creating a Facebook page. So maybe it’s only a matter of time before I start wishing that Jesus would send me a little tweet.

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