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jonandkategosselinforic.jpgLast night’s finale of the hit TLC reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8” was pretty much a snore–aside from the last few minutes. Commercial teasers for the finale made it seem like we’d eventually witness a blowout between the Gosselin couple culminating in a possible marital separation or at the very least, some kind of admission of marital problems. But that never came. Instead we see Kate take all of the kids out alone to create paintings for their new house and a visit to a children’s museum. Apparently, Jon went away for 8 days to “be with his mom who broke her foot to help her around the house” (cough, cough, yeah right).
We also saw (an extremely red-faced) Jon whine that, “When I go out, I can’t be Jon. I have to be ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8.'” I translated that to, “When I go out, I can’t cheat on my wife without the media exposing it”–but that’s just me.
As you may remember, I posted earlier this month on Star Magazine’s report that Jon has been seen around town–crashing college parties and hitting up bars–and making out with women who aren’t his wife. The response to that post was overwhelming. Although some readers had issues with me covering a story that was reporting in a tabloid, others claiming to live near the Gosselins, verified claims that Jon has been out and about and seen with other women. Supposedly this has been happening for a while now and had the town abuzz before Star published its expose.

In the finale, the couple goes on to tell us that Jon’s been having a “frustrating” time lately–he isn’t happy with the lack of privacy he now has– and has been struggling with fame, yet Kate loves doing the show and being able to stay home with the kids all day. After this confession, we’re left hanging as to whether the show will continue for a fifth season.
What do you think? Do you want to see another season?
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