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natasharichardsonpic.jpgEven though it has been over a week now since actress Natasha Richardson died tragically from a head injury in a fluke skiing accident, I have to admit I am still disturbed by the story and it’s seeming randomness. But I was still encouraged to hear news the other day that I was actually expecting and hoping to hear. According to a report from People Magazine Natasha Richardson’s family donated her organs so others might live. Considering her dedication to charity work and the nature of her accident, it seemed logical to me that her husband Liam Neeson, and the other members of Richardson’s family, would consider this one way to find meaning in her loss.
Though it isn’t clear from the statement whether the organs have been given to someone else or if Richardson had, in fact, left express wishes for her organs to be donated upon her death, I think this sad event sheds light in a very real way upon organ donation once again. It continues to be a question no one seems comfortable discussing, but yet it is one way to possibly change the lives of many after we are deceased. If you would like to read more about what your religion says on this topic or discuss with others this important choice, Beliefnet has several resources and community threads available.
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