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lindsaypic.jpgThings are apparently serious enough between Lindsay Lohan and girlfriend Samantha Ronson for Lindsay to be considering converting to Judaism, Ronson’s faith. From the Daily Mail:

Although raised a Catholic, the 22-year-old star announced she was planning to change her faith on her Facebook page. After jetting into London last week, Lindsay joined girlfriend Samantha at the Bar Mitzvah of the DJ’s half-brother Joshua Ronson at the Westminster Synagogue on Saturday.
…Entering the synagogue, a photographer asked Lindsay if she was switching religions, to which she replied: ‘I’m trying.’ Updating her Facebook status this week, Lindsay wrote ‘I’m converting’.
Lindsay’s change of religion is sure to surprise her family, who come from a long line of Catholics.

I am generally not the kind of Jew who swoons over celebrity Members of the Tribe (excluding you, Natalie Portman!), but this is a big “get” for our team (not that anyone’s counting).

On a more serious note, perhaps the news can spark some important conversations about the role of religion in interfaith same-sex relationships. The Jewish world is perennially worried (some would say fixated) on the issue of intermarriage, but the same arguments about Jews marrying, or even dating, outside of their faith can and should apply to gay and lesbian couples. Rabbis, educators, communal leaders, and certainly parents make the argument that it’s vital for a family to share a set of values, raise kids in a single tradition, and share a single sense of identity and lifestyle–in short, that the culture clash of intermarriage is bad for the relationship, bad for the kids, bad for our people. Personally, I would challenge each of those points, but do any of those arguments not apply to same-sex couples (especially as more and more of them have kids)? It would certainly seem so. Not surprisingly, you don’t hear much on this from the organized Jewish world. If Lindsay and Samantha spark some of this debate, all the better.
As for me, I say to Lindsay, Welcome aboard! It’s nice to have you. We hope you stick around for a while. And if things don’t work out with Samantha, I am sure a million bubbes will suggest you give their granddaughters a call.
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