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kings.jpgI’m hooked on NBC’s “Kings” just from the premier, so I’ve been searching around for new and interesting tidbits about the show and its future–especially on the religion front. So if you’re loving the show like me, don’t miss this interview from Busted Halo, where Michael Green, the creator of the show, discusses how he’s “brought a modern aesthetic to the Old Testament story of King David.”
Here’s an excerpt where Green responds about his hopes for this retelling of this particular Old Testament story:
“I just hope [viewers] enjoy the storytelling and the characters and their interactions…I think one of the reasons everyone has a natural curiosity about the story of King David is because it is familiar, even if you’re not familiar with it. It’s just so much a part of our cultural DNA — so many of the Old Testament stories, but specifically the hero’s journey associated with David — that I think they’ll find it compelling. Everyone at least knows David and Goliath. They might not know what comes after, but to my mind, that’s where it gets interesting.”
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