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pattinsongqcover.jpgFor the Team Edward fans out there, here’s some good news: Guess who is on the cover of April’s GQ? That’s right! Robert Pattinson (aka, Edward Cullen). Writer Alex Pappademas traces Pattinson’s rise from the dead (he was just a random wizard in Harry Potter once, and he did die) to being the heartthrob of every woman “over 14” in “He’s Hot, He’s Sexy, He’s Undead.” There’s even a slideshow of photos.
Now for the next tidbit, which has 30 Rock fans not quite so thrilled: apparently there’s a little love thing going on between Tina Fey and Robert (don’t worry–they are just kidding around.) NYMag reports that she called him a “sexy devil” on Jimmy Fallon, and apparently he returned the feelings. Fans of “30 Rock” are worried that now he might show up on the show and, I guess, ruin the humor. But an Edward appearance wouldn’t be so bad, would it? (I’d watch.)
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