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It’s hard to believe it’s been a little over two years since Anna Nicole Smith died of a drug overdose. I remember writing about her death with a sense of sadness that this was one more Hollywood tragedy that really would be remembered as nothing more than another salacious footnote of Hollywood indulgence. Though certainly the public perception has lingered that those around Smith, including boyfriend Howard K. Stern, enabled her prescription pill popping habit, I certainly hadn’t heard that anything was being pursued legally. So it was with surprise and a sense of relief when I read the news over the weekend about the arrest of Howard K. Stern and two of the doctors who allegedly aided Stern in acquiring numerous prescriptions to fuel Smith’s addiction.

I don’t really understand why it has taken so long for these arrests to occur. I am sure there is some back story to the delay that has yet to be made public. But regardless, I think these arrests and possible indictments are not only important for the sake of the daughter Smith left behind so that she may find out the rest of the story, but for other reasons.
With the memory of Heath Ledger’s death still fresh in many movie fans’ minds, and in light of hit reality shows like “Celebrity Rehab,” it is past time to send the message that people who enable celebrities to have unrestricted access to drugs will be punished. If the consequences are harsh and swift for those who get rich by preying on celebrities maybe it will be tougher to obtain illegal meds and maybe a few lives will be saved.

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