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angelsanddemonsposter.jpgI’m sure Dan Brown must be used to coming under attack from Catholics for his pulpy, page-turners and the nearing release of the film version of “Angels & Demons” is no exception. The Vatican banned “Angels & Demons” from filming footage inside Rome’s churches last summer, and now the movie is under attack from everyone’s favorite Catholic with an email account (and/or a fax machine): Bill Donohue of The Catholic League (and methinks The Catholic League may literally be one man with one email account/fax machine). The National Post reports about Donohue and his statement:
“Donohue, who has been president of the Catholic League since 1993, says that Brown’s inclusion of Galileo in this group is “nonsense” because Galileo died before the Illuminati were officially formed in 1776. Donohue states on the Catholic League’s website: “So why do they lie? Because their goal is to paint the Catholic Church as the enemy of science, and what better poster boy to trot out than their favorite martyr, Galileo? The ultimate victim, Galileo’s alleged persecution is cited as proof of the Church’s war on reason.”
It’s just a novel! Everybody knows that Dan Brown can’t tell history from his elbow.
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