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Just last week I reported that a new movie about ” Mary, Mother of Christ” is scheduled to come to a theater near you next Easter season. Now Variety is reporting that another biblical film is also slated for an opening at the same time -though not in America. The twist is that “The Resurrected,” a movie about Jesus Christ’s life told in lashbacks from the point of view of Mary Magdalene, is being produced by Arabs

The movie’s script is reported to come from all four of the gospels and the movie’s producers do not state that they have ties to any one religion despite shooting the movie in the Middle East. The production may be directed by Lebanese filmmaker, Samir Habchi, who is known for his work on”Beirut Open City.” An executive from production company Eagle Pictures said that this movie is” a real attempt to go back to the mutual respect which existed between Christian, Muslims, and Jews in this region for centuries.”
I don’t find the idea of showing the life of Christ from Mary Magdalene’s point of view particularly interesting, but this movie still has plenty of possibilities for controversy. The movie will have to shoot in politically charged areas of the Middle East. Then there’s the whole inflammatory title of “The Resurrected”– biblical resurrection not being a concept the Muslim faith embraces in reference to the life of Jesus.
Still, the film does have some noteworthy possibilities–Lebanon’s Christian patriarch, as well as the speaker of the country’s parliament have both stated they intend to be at the movie’s premiere.

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