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In a world where promise rings and promiscuity can go hand in hand, it’s often hard for young people to draw the line and set themselves apart from their peers who “don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind.” Or those who don’t see anything wrong with a little self-love. But for those who are tired of business as usual the Passion 4 Christ Movement exists. Comprised of youth and young adults from all walks of life, the P4CM seeks to spread the redemptive message of Christ by any means necessary. Their latest tactic, the Ex-series t-shirts, which takes a stronghold, slaps it on a shirt and hopes that a brave young soul will wear it around town. In particular the blogosphere has been abuzz about the “Ex-Masturbator” shirt.So what can one say about this shirt? It’s as in-your-face as it gets considering of all the acts of fornication this is the one people are least likely to admit to and it’s also the act that has no clear Biblical edict that warns against it–and Onan doesn’t count, in my opinion. But for PC4M, this is so much bigger than the shirts. The video below provides a little bit of explanation. After I watched this and saw the passion these young people had for God and for being delivered I could understand why they would cling to these shirts and be proud. I saw young people that look like me, with struggles like mine, not afraid to go out on a limb and wear their strongholds on their chests. Sure, it’s a really bold–and a bit pious–way to put yourself out there, but can you image the number of people who will stop these kids and ask them about the meaning behind the shirt? Can you imagine the seeds of change that can be planted when a young person can admit that they were in darkness and how they came out? These shirts, as audacious as they seem, could become the next big thing in ministry. And lest all the focus go to the Ex-Masturbator, PC4M also has an Ex-Fornicator, Ex-Homosexual, Ex-Hustler, Ex-Slave, Ex-Diva, Ex-Hypocrite and Ex-Porn Addict shirts.

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