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Given that I am a diehard “Buffy” fan, “Angel” fan, and make that “Firefly” fan, too, I’ll watch anything courtesy of their creator, Joss Whedon. So, like other cult followers of the talented Mr. Whedon, I’ve long and eagerly awaited the first episode of his newest series, ““Dollhouse”” starring Eliza Dushku (who played Faith on “Buffy”), and I will certainly tune in this Friday, February 13th on Fox. Whether or not I have faith in the success of this series is another issue altogether though, since it seems that Fox has given “Dollhouse” the “death slot” in terms of day/time the show airs each week.Apparently I am not alone in this concern. Blogger Joel Keller for The Daily Beast wonders as much in his recent post, “Will TV Slay Joss Whedon?“How about we let the creator himself and the cast explain for themselves why you should give “Dollhouse” a chance, as they do in this video:What do you think? Should I place my faith in “Dollhouse” or brace myself for it to fail? I am heartened when I remember that “Battlestar” airs on Friday nights, and it’s certainly a hit. Maybe there is hope for “Dollhouse” yet.Dollhouse at

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