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If you’ve got some people together–or just have the TV on–and the Inauguration events are getting boring, check out “History in the Making Week” on The History Channel. If they’d have taught history like this in school, I’d have been interested!
Leading the line-up is “The Presidents,” a great series of one-hour shows which each take a look at prior Presidents and the events that marked their years.
Also included are lots of shows which take us behind the scenes of our nation’s capital. Go behind the scenes of mistold Washington, D.C. stories. Go behind the door into Air Force One. Go behind the walls for an inside look into The White House. Learn about Lincoln’s Bible.

These shows give us a reminder of the faith and freedom at the heart of our Republic, getting away from the political coverage of the networks that focuses so much on, well, the mundanely of who’s going to get elected to what. The ideas that made our nation great were much greater than simply who was going to win.
The shows of the week can be found at A special feature can be found at Browsing beyond that is pleasant also.
The website is encouraging. The shows it advertises are inspiring. If you can’t be in Washington, D.C. this week this line-up may be close to second-best.
The Presidents at

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