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twilightedwardintree.jpgOkay, so here we go. Here come the “Twilight”-bashing Christians and in the same vein as the “Harry Potter”-bashing Christians. There are now pastors coming out to denounce Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Series” and its corresponding movie and how it will ruin your kids’ faith life among other things–despite the series’ accolades from just about every other Christian corner of the universe.
Pastor Bill Randles’ article, “Why “Twilight” is spiritually fatal, and what it shows us about the state of Christian youth,” which calls the series “nothing less than an obscene parody of the precious gift of God–which is eternal life through the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and by the gift of His blood, offered to God for us,” and which leads you to another “Twilight”-bashing article by Caryl Matrisciana & Paul Villanueva, which includes this little zinger of a passage:

“Twilight takes occult darkness, introduced in Potter, to deeper, decadent fathoms: overt vampirism, acceptable blood-sucking (in this movie its only animal blood – later? Wait and see!) and sexual lust for the possessed soul (made appealing in its fictionalized form!). The books, akin to the Potter’s series, promote and familiarize their audience with magick, Wicca, supernatural powers and demon possession. But what is beyond alarming is that Christians are seduced by satanic deception and have succumbed to Twilight’s fascination of dark wisdom, a power Scripture warns against – loving evil more than good (Psalm 52:3), and placing what the world admires before what God requires.”
Tell me another one. This had to happen at some point, right? All popular fantasy series for teens get this kind of attention from somebody. Alas.

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