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Idol Chatter featured a holiday entertaining books contest a few weeks ago and selected our five winners:

Cecilia Andes of Pennsylvania
Robin Henry of Florida
Kathleen Bergquist of Minnesota
Shirley Little of Georgia
Deborah Finan of Florida

They shared amazing stories and in the spirit of the holiday season, Idol Chatter wanted to share their stories with you:

During Christmas night, when I was an extremely young girl, I awoke to chatter in the kitchen. It sounded like two women. My sister was asleep in the same bed, so I nudged her awake. The two of us went off to investigate. First, we went to our parents’ room, but they were both sleeping and snoring soundly. Next, we proceeded down the stairs. No lights were on anywhere, but we could still hear the holiday sounds of clanking dishes, high heels on linoleum, running water, and the chatter of exciting preparation for the holidays. We looked in the living room first and saw our presents sprawled out underneath the tree. Still hearing the festivities, we proceeded to the kitchen, but when we got within a few feet of the kitchen, the sounds suddenly stopped….

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