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jessica-simpsonpic.jpgAlthough many people will probably laugh off reports that actress/singer Jessica Simpson is interested in returning to college to study theology, as reported by Marie Clair via The New York Post’s Page Six, religion has always been a part of the blonde bombshell’s roots.
In addition to being manager to Jessica and sister Ashlee, their father Joe is a Baptist minister. Their mother is a former Sunday school teacher. And, Jessica got her start in gospel music–she was signed to a Christian label as a teen and recorded an album, but the label went under before it was released. Jessica then released it herself. She was eventually signed to Columbia Records as a mainstream artist (she was pitched as a Christian recording artist, but the label decided not to go that route).
Personally, I think it’s great that Jessica is “contemplating” taking a course in religion. What I find a bit sketchy, however, is that she’s been influenced by the popular fiction novel, “The Da Vinci Code.”
“I remember whenever the book The Da Vinci Code came out, the Discovery Channel did this three-night piece on it that I Tivoed and then watched eight times,” Jessica told Marie Claire.
You can check out the full interview with Jessica Simpson in the magazine’s January issue.
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