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britzpic.jpgLost in the hustle and bustle of this past Thanksgiving holiday was one of the most riveting post 9/11, and in this case post 7/7, dramas made to date, “Britz.” This thriller follows the lives of Sohail and Nasima, a brother and sister pair who find divergently different ways to deal with the identity issues surrounding being second-generation Muslims in modern day Britain.
Sohail is a law student who, in his desire to repay the country that has given his parents everything and eager to embrace his Britishness, finds his way to MI-5, the British FBI, where he eventually ends up investigating some of his closest friends. Meanwhile, his sister Nasima, a medical student, is spurred to radicalism by the injustices she sees perpetrated against her Muslim friends and neighbors by the British Government.

Presented in two separate nights, the show explores the complexity and complementary nature of both sibling’s stories, while allowing us to develop sympathy for both. Not an easy task for award-winning director Peter Kosminsky to accomplish given the shocking twists and turns both stories take.
‘Britz’ is now available on BBC America On Demand, so, if you don’t already have BBC America and BBC America On Demand for brilliant shows like “Top Gear,” call and your cable company and get it. ‘Britz’ is must see TV.
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