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Okay, “Twilight” fans–if you are an Edward-and-Bella junkie and a Christian, you’ve got some work cut out for you.

Apparently, the “Twilight” movie (and the “Twilight” series) are helpful for bringing “unbelievers” to Jesus, and The Christian Post will show you the way to use “Twilight” toward this end.

Guest columnist Jane Dratz’s article on “How to Share Your Faith Using Twilight” includes the following question/answer/conversation starter guide.

Try using the buzz that’s swirling from ‘Twilight” to turn the conversation toward the real sacrificial love of Jesus. Here are some specific ideas to help you move the conversation toward God-talk:

  • Who in the movie “Twilight” shows aspects of true love? How? Why do you think that?
  • Does “Twilight” shine a spotlight on how to make principled, difficult moral choices? Or does it glorify the pursuit of romantic passion at all costs?
  • The movie depicts numerous battles with temptation. What do you do with temptation? Share from Matthew 4 how Jesus used Scripture to fight against the Evil One’s efforts to tempt Him.
  • Have you ever experienced sacrificial love that puts others’ interests above your own? Have you ever given it? If so, share from your experiences how it made you feel.
  • Ask your friends if they know that Jesus’ love for humankind is the ultimate example of sacrificial love. Share from Philippians 2:5-8.

If you are a “Twilight” fan and a Christian, will you take Dratz’s advice and use “Twilight” to spread the Gospel?

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