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youvegotmailpic.jpgNot long ago Movie Mom referenced a list of “comfort movies” posted over at movie lovers website Cinematical and then offered a few of her own personal preferences. In both cases, the concept of a comfort movie had more to do with films that you tend to watch to console yourself when sick. However, in my case, my list of favs has more to do with movies I love to watch when life is looking a little bleak: the weather is dreary, personal life is dreary, the economy is dreary, and I am seeing red but feeling blue about all that change our next president has promised.
And that’s exactly what comfort movies were made for. They may not always be Oscar-worthy but they provide some escapist entertainment, while assuring me in some small way there will be brighter days ahead.
What movies pick you up when you’re down and provide some comfort for the soul? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comment box below. I may need them!
10. “You’ve Got Mail”: Not Meg and Tom’s best onscreen pairing to be sure, but the crazy premise that a woman’s business is ruined by a guy she falls in love with and then she becomes a successful author is my kind of strange Cinderella story.
9. “Best in Show”: Actually, pretty much any Christopher Guest film will do– “Waiting for Guffman” would be the other obvious choice. Guest’s wit and insight into human nature always leaves me feeling a little better about my own life.

8. “While You Were Sleeping”: It’s my other guilty pleasure in the romantic comedy genre. Again, there’s something about the convoluted premise of a woman falling in love with the brother of the guy she rescued from a train track that is oddly hopeful.
7. “Gilmore Girls”: Yes, I have to sneak a couple of TV series on DVD onto the list. The dynamic mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory have long been my rays of sarcastic sunshine in darker times.
6. “Slings and Arrows”: I have mentioned this TV series on other lists, but just when I thought it wasn’t possible for anyone to replace my love for Stars Hollow, along came the wacky thespians of New Burbage. Their angst and their passion never fail to move me.
5. “Die Hard 1 & 2”: That’s right, this list isn’t all girly fluff. Something about Bruce Willis kickin’ butt can be very reassuring sometimes.
4. “Finding Nemo”: My favorite animated movie of all time because it reminds me that life happens and you “just keep swimming.”
3. “Office Space”: One of the great workplace comedies ever created, it captures the worst of a 9 to 5 life in a humorous way.
2. “Good Will Hunting”: I love the combo of rookies Ben Affleck and Matt Damon , and veteran Robin Williams working together. I also love the idea of an angry genius finally figuring out what to do with his life. If he can do it, so can I, right?
1.”Hairspray” The soundtrack is permanently etched in my brain. There is no other movie that lifts my spirits like this one, no matter how many times I have seen it.
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