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hughjackmannicolekidmanaust.jpgRevealing to reporters the other day that he once considered becoming a man of the cloth, Hugh Jackman told of watching a preacher on stage when he was about 13 years old, and having “a very clear feeling that one day I was going to be up on that stage. … Then as I got older, I thought, ‘I think I just want to be up on that stage. Maybe not in that capacity but in some other capacity’.” The “Australia” star says his father was converted at a Billy Graham crusade and often took his son to revival meetings.
Jackman isn’t the first actor to be bitten by the religion bug before finding that the stage offers all the drama without the theology and personal privation. But if Jackman is a material guy–he recently signed a deal to buy an apartment in New York’s Greenwich Village for $21 million–he isn’t without morals: he and “Australia” co-star Nicole Kidman say they discussed “boundaries” for their sex scenes. Billy Graham, no doubt, would be proud.
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