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TwilightpicIC.jpgIf you are like me–obsessed with Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Series” and eagerly anticipating the film version of book one, “Twilight,” then you’ll be happy to know that Entertainment Weekly is doing a three-issue feature (with “collectable covers”) as the release day approaches (in theaters November 21).

Issue one has three articles: an interview with in-the-flesh Edward, actor Robert Pattinson, another with in-the-flesh Bella, Kristen Stewart, and a third–a “how to bring a vampire to life” (successfully) on screen.
You’ll learn fun things like rumors that Robert proposed to Kristen on the set (more than once) and how the two young stars are handling (or not) their alleged approaching A-list celebrity status. And, of course, you’ll get to satisfy your thirst for all things Twilight for an hour or so! Happy reading.
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