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palinaspresidentsitejpg.jpgWith Election Day already here, take a breather from all the serious presidential coverage with these entertaining, interactive sites. After you go vote, of course.
Whether you’re a Republican or Democrat, this website is worth a visit for its clever inside jokes and amazingly intricate design. Be a sleuth and hunt for the sly, hidden “easter” eggs. The site will end its daily updates on Election Day.


2008 Election: Match-o-Matic II
Still a last-minute undecided voter? Get matched on which candidate you should vote for by comparing statements side-by-side that reference the economy, the Iraq War, health care, and other policies that best reflect the issues you care about.


The Onion: War for the White House
Forget CNN and the NYTimes.  Get the latest spoof coverage on the election through the Onion.  The full range of feature include blog posts, videos, candidate profiles, a guideline on the election process, and a cheeky glossary.


Have you come across any fun or funny election features?  Share them here.

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