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mileycyruspicforic.jpgJoel McHale over at “The Soup” has been skewering the alleged romantic relationship between tween queen Miley Cyrus and 20-year-old model Jason Gaston for weeks now. Pictures have surfaced of the two together almost everywhere in Los Angeles from fashion shows to shopping malls. Last week, Miley finally talked about Gaston with Ryan Seacrest and told listeners not to be so judgmental about the relationship because he is a “great Christian guy.”

Actually, in the interview with Seacrest, almost-16-year-old Miley never exactly admits to a dating relationship with the former “Nashville Star” contestant-turned -underwear spokesperson. She simply commented that she has gone into their friendship “with an open mind” and isn’t worried about the age difference between them.
While it might seem pointless for Cyrus to keep denying the obvious, I for one am happy that Miley is finally learning that the less said, the better, when it comes to talking to the press. And when it comes to dating an older man, well, there is no way she can win in the headline wars. The tabloids are fueling interest in the relationship by saying thatGaston is already living at the Cyrus compound so Papa Cyrus can keep a watchful eye.
So, the way I see it, Miley can look forward to either being labeled a virginal hypocrite for becoming too close to a guy too soon by shacking up with him, or she might be labeled a hillbilly bride if she pulls a Jamie Lynn Spears and makes the relationship permanent before she is a legal adult. Either way, she is better off doing what she can to keep her personal decisions personal.
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