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kristinchenowethpicic.jpgI’m happy to report that one of my favorite new television shows from last year, “Pushing Daisies,” is back for its second season and quirky as ever (Wednesdays, 9 p.m., ABC). In addition to the usual, madcap fun of Ned and Chuck’s chaste love for each other (if Ned touches Chuck, she’ll die–again), and Chuck’s wacky, former synchronized swimmer aunties, Olive Snook, played wonderfully by Kristen Chenoweth, has a fun twist in her character as of the season premier:
Olive has become a nun. For now.
And Olive is a beautiful, “Hills Are Alive” singing nun, wearing not the usual nun-navy-blue, but instead a bright, happy, aqua habit. Olive has long been in love with her boss at The Pie Hole, Ned, and when she finally faces facts–that she only has eyes for Chuck–in a fit of despair she runs away to a convent. True to the show’s writing, they play Olive’s move for all its worth to hilarious, comic effect, between the singing and the mother superior and the giving away (oops) of all Olive’s earthly possessions.

Kristen Chenoweth is perfect in this role, hamming it up as much as she can. This well-known Christian actress seems to be having a blast playing a Catholic nun for the time being, and I look forward to seeing what the convent cooks up for her next.
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