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That’s “What Would Jesus Brew?” possibly coming soon to a bracelet or T-shirt near you!
According to CNN, a Southern California entrepreneur is using the Jesus angle to sell beer. I’m a pretty casual guy about such things, and I love reminding people that Jesus not only went to the party but he turned it into the best wine they’d ever tasted. If Jesus were here today, I believe he’d go to a wedding and turn the water into the best microbrews anyone could find anywhere.
But this guy in San Diego has got it wrong, and his tongue-in-cheek way of promoting “Inspired Beers for Saints and Sinners Alike,” is part of a bigger problem–it has become too easy and commonplace for the media to report stories with a biblical theme without pointing out the flaws in the story.

“It’s the oldest story ever told — the struggle between good and evil,” said Tomme Arthur, 35, a former Catholic school student from San Diego. “There is a battle being waged between those who make good beer and those who make evil beer.”
Jesus turned the water into wine, but he wasn’t playing Wine Pong, and the purpose wasn’t to endorse or sell the wine. And even the irreligious among us who stumbled into a Bible Lit class know that the oldest story ever told is that of the Creator and His love for His creation. The good-and-evil battle came later. And not to pile it on, but the only people Jesus ever got mad at were those who leveraged religion to make a buck, and I suspect if he were here today (after turning the water into the microbrew at the party), he’d be turning over the tables at the 27th Annual Great American Beer Festival and comparing the Jesus Beer Guy to the moneychangers in the temple.
Whether it’s during the Easter season, the Christmas season, or any other time when media outlets report religiously themed stories, I wish they’d make the effort to point out some accuracy in the same way that they’d correct a Republican, Democrat, or Greenpeace lover if they got their foundations wrong. But hey, that’s just me, so if you’d like some beer associated with spirituality, there’s a guy out in San Diego who’d love to sell you some!

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