madonnaandguypicforic.jpgAs any Brit knows, in cases of English celebrity/superrich divorce, settlements tend to favor the less wealthy party. (Just ask Sir Paul McCartney.) Especially if there’s no prenup. Which is one of the reasons that the terms of the in-negotiations divorce of Guy Ritchie and megastar-for-all-time Madonna, are attracting media attention. (Although I can’t believe that someone as money-, image-, and business-savvy as Madonna didn’t have some sort of prenup in effect for this marriage.) Apparently, the couple is worth 525 million. And in a poll, CNN viewers were asked if Ritchie should get half of the Madonna fortune: 36 percent said yes, 64 said no.

In this CNN video report, we learn that one of the major differences that Madge and Ritchie must have had was over the authenticity of Kabbalah as a religion. In an interview with Jerry Penacoli, correspondent for Extra, Ritchie revealed that he doesn’t believe that Kabbalah’s a religion. And as everyone knows, Madonna is a faithful devotee of the belief.
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I’m sure that the lawyers hired on both sides will be top-notch, and that a settlement will be offered: the couple has three children, Lourdes is Madonna’s from her previous relationship, Rocco is Guy and Madonna’s son, and David Banda (still going by his last name instead of either of his megastar adoptive parents’) was the child they adopted last year.
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