Ben Stein’s “Expelled,” one of the most controversial documentaries of the year, is being released on DVD on October 21st. In the film, Stein, an intelligent design advocate, publically denounces the theory of evolution or “Darwinism.”
Beliefnet has 10 copies of the DVD to give away.
Want one?
Post a comment below by October 27, 2008, answering the question: “If you could intelligently redesign humanity, what would you change?

Make sure you include your email address in the designated area (it won’t be made public). The 10 best responses–based on the judgment of the Idol Chatter editors–will win a copy of the DVD.
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For more information on the basics of intelligent design, Darwinism, and evolution, view Beliefnet’s FAQs. Also, check out our interview with Ben Stein.

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