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mileycyruspicforic.jpgMiley Cyrus and father Billy Ray Cyrus have apparently expressed a desire to exit the Disney show that made Miley’s millions and redeemed her Achy Breaky Daddy from one-hit wonderland, TMZ recently learned.
The popular entertainment gossip website broke the news after reports from “spies” on the set of Hannah Montana who claim that Miley’s hoping to get fired so she can concentrate on her music career, and daddy agrees, noting that there’s greater earning potential in music. As a result, the article noted, “the father-daughter team has been showing up to the set ridiculously late, stalling production and infuriating cast and crew.”
If you’ll allow us, IC would like to sum up the rest of the article as follows:

1) OMG, Disney is hella peeved.
2) Hannah Montana costar Emily Osment is like, totally, in a fight with Miley.
3) Billy Ray was all, “We’re doing 12 eps and then we’re outie,” and Disney was all, “ROTFL, you are so doing 24 eps, and another 6 because, like, duh, we’re Disney.”
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