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penn_jillettepicforic.jpgThere’s a new kind of entertainment journalism emerging these days.
Or, should I say that there’s a new kind of journalistic entertainment these days?
I think it’s the former.
Penn Jillette–the taller, louder partner of “Penn and Teller”–has written one of the more insightful and entertaining blogs featured on CNN this week. It’s topics include leadership in the world, the qualifications for a President, and some rather humorous reflections on the relative IQ of current and past Presidents compared to himself.

Jillette is the poster child for a new age of cross-pollinated entertainers who are not bound or limited to their one established profession. Jillette is a magician. He is also a comedian. He is also an actor. He has recently added the titles of “author” and “producer” to his resume.
And now we can add “political commentator” to his repertoire.”Obama is a great leader,” Jillette says. “He can fire people up and get them to do what he wants. He does smart speeches that promise everyone everything they need and make us feel good about our country and how much greater our government could be.
“But,” Jillette continues, “I don’t think our next president being a great leader is a good thing.”
He goes on to make some points that sound remarkably balanced. Not pure CNN. Not pure Fox News. Certainly not MSNBC. He sounds independent. And creative. And entertaining. And inspiring.
Perhaps there’s a new day ahead, when we’ll rely less on talking heads and more on our own thoughts and resolve. The bloggers are already there. Jillette has joined the blogosphere. But it’s not the only thing he does. It’s not his career. It’s not his identity. So he’s honest. A straight-shooter. A welcome change.
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