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gossipgirlpicforic.jpgThis weekend I indulged in my new favorite (super) Guilty Pleasure–the season premiere of the CW’s “Gossip Girl.” (It’s also possible I indulged in the new incarnation of “90210” and set up the DVR to tape yet another series premiering this Tuesday on the CW called “Privileged.” I’m becoming hopeless, I know. That’s three Guilty Pleasures per week.)
Anyway, I think most fans of “Gossip Girl” can agree that both Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are each evil in their own right. They are the characters everyone loves to hate, though if there was a contest I think Chuck would win big on the hateful scale. But my question for viewers: Are Blair and Chuck, against all odds, a match made in heaven?

As I watched the first episode I found myself wanting Blair and Chuck to be together–they certainly create sparks when they are warring with each other. I actually felt bad for them as they sparred and sparred again when they are so clearly in love with each other, but can’t get it together–quite literally. That’s how I was left with the question: Can two wrongs (aka Blair + Chuck) actually make a right?
What do you think? Or am I the only person who is finding Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass compelling as a couple?

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