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At the end of every year, Beliefnet selects, with help from our readers, a group of 10 individuals who have made a difference in the world for our Most Inspiring Person of the Year Award. Nominees include celebrities who use their high profile positions to raise awareness for a cause and ordinary people who’ve done something extraordinary.
Among last years nominees were actors Don Cheadle, for bringing awareness to the atrocities in Darfur, and Angelina Jolie for her work as an advocate for children of war, as well as ordinary heroes like Wesley Autrey, a New Yorker who saved a man who had fallen in the path of an oncoming subway train and Maj. Scott Southworth, a soldier who adopted a handicapped Iraqi orphan.
Last year’s winner, Liviu Librescu, was a professor at Virginia Tech who died saving his students from a gunman.
We want to know your thoughts for who should include in this year’s feature. Please nominate your picks for the Most Inspiring Person of the Year in our discussion board area or the comments box below.

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