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breakingdawnbookcover.jpgHello all you excited Twilight fans! The moment has arrived…”Breaking Dawn” is available!
Please check out my geekiest-ever report for Publishers Weekly on my night out with Stephenie Meyer, at the “Breaking Dawn” concert in New York City the night of the book release, starring Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October.
It was more fun than words can express. But I did my best! Here is an excerpt:
“Friday evening, at just about twilight (how appropriate!), I emerged from the subway in Times Square. While maneuvering the dense crowds, I could barely contain my excitement. I was headed to the Nokia Theater for the launch of the “Breaking Dawn” concert tour, to celebrate the release of the last book in Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling Twilight Saga…But before going on, let me be honest and say that, for me, the night really belonged to Edward! Which is why I was wearing my red and black “Team Edward” T-shirt for the event. (Sorry, Team Jacob.)”
Happy reading…

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