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If you are like me and you didn’t get a chance to see Ben Stein’s controversial documentary before it was pulled from theaters due to a lawsuit brought by John Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, you may have another chance in the coming months.
The trade paper Variety has reported that a judge has thrown out part of the suit over the use of the song “Imagine” in the film, citing that the song’s inclusion was covered under fair use. This ruling may lift the restraining order against the film’s rerelease in theaters, thereby freeing the production company to try to market the moderately successful film again.
There is no word on exactly if/when to expect “Expelled” back in theaters, but if it does get rereleased, there’s word the producers may target large groups and offer tickets as low as $6 per person at certain screenings.
Sounds like an intelligent plan to me.

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