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On Wednesday I posted the Idol Chatter movie trivia question for the week: How many Oscar winners have played angels on the big screen?
The answer is a little tricky because several actors have played angels and also have received Oscar nominations– but they didn’t win. Likewise, actresses like Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson have won Oscars and portrayed angels, but it was on television (“Angels In America”). (On the other hand, I had no idea Jessica Lange played an angel in “All That Jazz” until I researched this question!)
And then there was the twist that I didn’t think of at first: certain actors have played angels and won Oscars– but NOT as actors. That means they still counted on my list. (However, I didn’t consider every single character who appears in a movie after they are dead. To be a bonafide angel, they had to be specifically written into the story as an angel to count.)
Now, with all of those disclaimers aside, here’s the ( now amended with the help of an IC reader) answer:

(Note that interestingly enough Denzel, Nicolas, and Warren all played angels in movies that were remakes.)
The ten Oscar winners who have played angels are as follows::
Nicolas Cage: “City of Angels”
Warren Beatty : “Heaven Can Wait”
Robert Montgomery :: “Here Comes Mr. Jordan”
Jessica Lange: ” All That Jazz”
Audrey Hepburn : “Always”
Ruchard Dreyfuss : ‘ Always”
Ben Affleck : “Dogma”
Matt Damon : ” Dogma”
Cary Grant – “The Bishop’s Wife ”
Denzel Washington : “The Preacher’s Wife”

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