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I feel a certain amount of pride that I’m one of the folks who jumped on the Mormon Mom Stephenie Meyer “Twilight” bandwagon back when the very first book was still in galleys. I remember getting the bound paperback ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) from an editor friend with only a Post-It attached to the front that said, “How’s this for romantic?” Within minutes I was hooked and devouring all 500-some pages in a single sitting.
So I’m kinda excited about Book Four, “Breaking Dawn,” releasing with Harry Potter-esque midnight book parties around the U.S. on the evening of August 1 (for sale on August 2).

And I’m not alone. Along with me and millions of other teen girls and women, the Hollywood buzz about the last book and the forthcoming movie in December is growing. Earlier this year, Time Magazine did a Meyer feature and posed her as the next J.K. Rowing. Now Entertainment Weekly does the same with not only the cover (graced by Bella and Edward) but two features: one on the making-of Twilight the movie, and yet another on Meyer-as-Rowling.
Sigh. I’m Team Edward all the way. What Team are you? Edward or Jacob? (You’d better say Edward….I mean, how can you not be Team Edward? Seriously.)

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