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olympics.jpgIf you’re an Olympics junkie like me, then you’re probably salivating for the Beijing Games to start on August 8, 2008, at 8:08 pm. Every four years I just can’t get enough of the Olympics. Everything about the Games gets my blood pumping–the big-name athletes favored to win, the lesser-known athletes who perform stunning upsets, the heartbreaking losses, the acts of heroic sportsmanship, the heartwarming back stories, and, of course, the inspirational moments that rise forth in every Game to become part of our collective human story.
In the spirit of the Games, Beliefnet has gathered together the 15 most inspirational Olympic moments. There are stories and athletes in this gallery that you won’t forget: Kerri Strug and the “Miracle on Ice.” There are ones that will jog your memory, like the Jamaican bobsled team and Derek Redmond. And then there are inspirational moments that you may not remember at all, but upon reading about them in this gallery, you’ll see why they had to be included.
So check out this gallery and get inspired all over again. And if you think we missed any, leave your comment below.

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