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britneyspearsforIC.jpgAll those hoping that Britney would trade in her Federline for a Gibson are likely to be disappointed, but that category probably only holds Gibson paterfamilias Mel, who tried to set up the troubled pop star with his son who was just out of rehab (for alcohol and cocaine addiction).
What? You didn’t know? Mel was hoping that his son Edward might be able to help Britney through her rough patch. Some sources reported suspicion that perhaps Mel wasn’t just tinkering in Brit’s health and love life, that he was actually interested in converting her to his “unique brand of Catholicism.” Mel, Britney, and Britney’s dad recently vacationed together at Mel’s home in Costa Rica, which is apparently where the attempts at matchmaking took place.

But whatever Mel’s passion, Britney wasn’t having it. She did what any uncomfortable 20-something would do, and ducked the old guy who was trying to set her up. I think Mel’s just going to have to forgive her, though: she’s been dealing with custody issues regarding her two sons with K-Fed, who’s apparently now creating a fitness DVD. I hope they don’t call it “Getting K-Fit with K-Fed.” But it’s honest work, which is going to be important if his financial part of the divorce settlement ever runs out. It’s like Mama used to say: Sure, it’s nice to marry a pop star and become a pop culture punchline, but it’s always good to have a career to fall back on.

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