Idol Chatter

The spirit of Bob Dylan, Johnny Carson and political cartoonists everywhere is alive and well in the newest (and best) political satire entertainment on the web.
The folks at Jib Jab have again risen to the challenge of creating political satire that is as entertaining as it is offensive, making fun of both sides while sparing jabs at no one. Such is the beauty of equal-opportunity-well-done political satire. Excellence is inspiring, and humor brings levity. This is full of both!
The Dylanesque take-off serves as the theme song, “It’s Time for Some Campaignin'” (And the musicians are actually really good!) Through the rhythmic verses and powerful refrain we hear several highlights that could only be uttered in this kind of piece, including:

  • McCain appears at his militant maverick most while running over Obama in a tank
  • McCain asks us to “forget my skin cancer and swollen left gland,” which everyone sees but no one talks about in real life
  • Bill Clinton mentions the cigar while getting banged over the head with a pan by Hillary
  • Obama proclaims “Gosh, I’m so tired of divisive exchange”
  • Obama proclaims “I’ve got one or two things to say about change”
  • Obama proclaims “Like The change we must change to the change we hold dear”
  • Obama concludes “I really like change have I made myself clear”
  • McCain and Hillary agree “He’ll talk about change til you’re deaf in the ear”
  • President Bush, amidst U-Haul trucks, calls his own party’s candidate, well, a donkey
  • Vice-President Cheney acknowledges the probability of a poor legacy

In closing, the unified candidates agree on the “ritual we practice every four years” when “we promise anything you wanna hear…then we snake you around and poke you in the rear”
Yes, it’s time for some campaignin’. And, as a bonus, Ahnold comes on at the end to invite you to put yourself in the cartoon and then e-mail it to others.
One missing issue is the faith debate and where the candidates stand. Otherwise, this is as entertaining as any talk show anywhere, pointing out both the importance and the silliness of current American politics. And, it reminds all of us all of our right–and responsibility–to show up and vote.

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