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vanpraaghforIC.jpgJames Van Praagh is America’s most famous medium. He regularly appears on talk shows to help people–famous and nonfamous alike–communicate with loved ones from beyond the grave. Cher once asked him to help her contact Sonny Bono. His new book, “Ghosts Among Us,” is a bona fide New York Times bestseller. And he has some interesting thoughts about celebrities and faith.
Van Praagh, who still defines himself as a Catholic, went to a seance with a friend and claimed he was able to communicate with the dead. He began doing readings for friends and published his first book, “Talking to Heaven,” in 1988. The book sold poorly until Van Praagh got booked on “Larry King Live.” Now, he’s a TV chat show regular.
“Spirituality and Hollywood is like a train wreck,” he says when asked about the ‘unlikely’ success of the show he created, “The Ghost Whisperer” (which stars Jennifer Love Hewitt). So how does he explain his success with stars?
Click here to read the full interview with Van Praagh in the Orange County (CA) Register.
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