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secretlifepic.jpgI ran a preview of “The Secret Life of an American Teenager” last week because I was hopeful it could be an intelligent new summer series. It seems others were equally optimistic because the show debuted to the highest ratings ever for a premiere on ABC Family Channel. Which puts this show in the negative column in terms of the culture wars, because that means that viewers didn’t seem to mind that the show– from the creator of “Seventh Heaven” no less– contains the worst Christian stereotypes on TV in recent memory.

I do believe it is time for an intelligent teen show that tackles real issues of sexuality. “The O.C” and all other CW teen dramas have definitely not filled that niche. But this show misses the mark to the other extreme.
It’s not even the primary character that is the major offender in my opinion–she’s a good girl who has one encounter with the school bad boy hottie and ends up pregnant–but rather the secondary characters that spew religiosity. I can’t even call them clichés because I have never heard any Christian I know say those words. The worst example in last week’s episode was when one Christian teen tells a girl he was seduced by that he “doesn’t know to be a man and follow God at the same time.”
This Tuesday’s episode is set to focus on whether or not perfect Christian girlfriend Grace will forgive her boyfriend for sleeping with the school, umm, sweetheart. But maybe she should just watch some episodes of “Sex and the City” and realize he is just not that into God– or her.

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