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stephenbaldwinpicforic.jpgActor Stephen Baldwin lives on the skinniest edge in Hollywood. Though he has a recognizably significant movie to his credit (“The Usual Suspects“), these days he’s more often associated with the slacker classic “BioDome.” He’s even more famous, however, for being the little brother of Alec. As a Christian, his evangelical standing is propped precariously on a series of Skater-for-Jesus videos that, if they’ve sold hundreds of thousands of copies, don’t exactly advocate casting off the yoke of the world to live in the serenity of Christ’s peace. With that kind of margin to play with, why does Baldwin insist on showing up at Rehab, the sarcastically named, alcohol drenched, hedonistic pool party in Vegas?

Okay, you can theorize that Baldwin made the debauched scene at Rehab as a spiritual lifeguard. But there’s a line to be drawn between living out a Christian example amid the bad behavior in Babylon and being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
We scoff when makes fun of Baldwin looking fat or silly in a bathing suit, but when they catch him hugging up the talent at Rehab, it’s Baldwin who looks like a hypocrite.

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