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morganpicforic.jpgOne of the few reality shows that attempts to do more than humiliate or promise a career is Morgan Spurlock’s (“Supersize Me”) FX series “30 Days.” The third season debuts tonight and continues Spurlock’s premise of learning life lessons by spending thirty days in someone one’s shoes.
In tonight’s episode , Spurlock will spend thirty days working as coal miner in West Virginia and future episodes include life on a Native American reservation and a hunter living for 30 days with a PETA activist.

Though Spurlock’s dabbling into social issues on the series tends to be a little on the soft side, he also doesn’t get as obnoxiously political as someone like Michael Moore. Regardless, I still can’t resist the premise of the show. It would be great if we all had the opportunity to spend 30 days in soneone’s shoes. And not someone’s shoes we wish we could be in— but someone’s shoes that would make us really uncomfortable.
For example. I would probably learn to have more compassion for celebrities if I was stalked by photographers non-stop for 30 days. I would be much more grateful if I lived in a wheelchair for 30 days (this is actually something an NFL player does on the show this season.)
Who would you trade places with for 30 days? What would you hope to learn?

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