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Don’t you hate when your parents try to be cool and get on MySpace? Mel Gibson’s father, Hutton Gibson, famous for his crackpot Catholicism and his doubts about the historicity of the Holocaust, has reportedly erected his own page on the social networking site (or “A Space for Friends”).

Mel, who has problems of his own, is likely too old to be embarrassed by his 89-year-old dad’s boasts (“author … WWII veteran … ‘Jeopardy’ champion”).

The only person who might lose some cred is Ron Paul, the libertarian-leaning Republican congressman and presidential candidate, who the senior Gibson touts as the answer to the world’s woes in two videos he’s posted. He doesn’t explain why he believes in Paul, but allows a creepy virtual simulacrum of the candidate to do its own talking. Not that Paul minds being associated with hard-liners like Gibson, but the page also honors the departed Democrat Robert Kennedy.

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