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stevecarrellpicforic.jpgI know my fellow Idol Chatter blogger Doug Howe has urged everyone to stay home and wait for the “Get Smart” DVD, but I roundly disagree! I too, saw “Get Smart” on its premier weekend and I not only loved every minute of it (and laughed so hard I was almost in tears at several points), but I found it pretty inspiring stuff and here’s why:
As I was leaving the theater, still chuckling and recalling some of the movie’s funnier lines and moments with my husband, I was realizing that it had been AGES since I’d gone to see a movie billed as a straight-up comedy (not a romantic comedy) and actually enjoyed myself. I feel like just about all the comedy that Hollywood serves up lately is of the Judd Apatow and/or Adam Sandler and/or Mike Myers variety–meaning that its primary audience is men, the movie itself infantilizes men yet makes them into (romantic) heroes all at once (yeah right), and just about all the jokes are vulgar and at the expense of women and women’s bodies. The typical Hollywood blockbuster comedy is one where the humor makes me extremely uncomfortable, to the point of offended.

But women need a good (clean) laugh too, don’t people know that? And Steve Carell, backed up by a no-nonsense (and subtly very funny) Anne Hathaway–shocker upon shocker!–knows how to deliver laughs without making me want to leave the theater or throw tomatoes at the screen. What a joy to sit through two hours of pure fun with just a dash of innuendo (but never anything vulgar).
So “Get Smart” made me remember that “clean” comedy is not only still possible–it’s truly hilarious. If I were you, I’d head out to the theater ASAP to enjoy this rare movie event that’s perfect for women (in general) and for date nights. You’ll have no worries about all the awkward “yuck” moments that might arise if say, you went on a first date to see a Judd Apatow movie.
“Get Smart” is a total win.

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