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jonasbrotherspicforic.jpgEveryone who either has a tween or knows one also knows that Disney churns out (more or less) family-friendly pop stars (see Hannah Montana) and one-offs like “High School Musical” (and its sequel) to unbelievable success–feeding the hopes, dreams, and first crushes of many a kid in America.
Disney’s newest venture, according to a New York Times article, “Summery Advisory: A Jonas Front Looms,” treads a lot of old territory (a three-brother boy band, complete with screaming girls wherever they show up, sold out Hannah Montana-style concert tours, a made-for-Disney movie and an upcoming TV series), but heads into new territory as well: all three of the Jonas brothers where purity rings and have pledged abstinence until marriage.

Edward Wyatt reports that the Jonas boys come from a devout Christian family, with a dad into church music:
“At the helm of that effort is the boys’ father…who grew up in North Carolina, the musically talented son and grandson of musicians. Like many such Southerners, Mr. Jonas put his talents to work in the church, serving as a music and youth minister to congregations and teaching music at a church-affiliated college…The boys began performing together as a Christian rock group…”I do worry about the level of attention on them,” Mr. Jonas said. “But I know that whatever happens, if we’re talking, they’ll grow up to be healthy. And that’s more important than the music to me.”
“Still, in the world of 24-hour celebrity media,” writes Wyatt, “teenage pop sensations who have taken public vows of chastity can be fodder for an unhealthy level of scrutiny. The brothers say they understand. “I think we live our lives the best we can,” Kevin said. “We’ve grown up with the idea that even when you’re at the top, act like you’re at the bottom. We’re growing and learning together, and it is important for us to stay true to the family that we are.”
Promises of chastity don’t seem to sway the screaming girl-fans, of course, it just makes them scream harder because boys-who-wait seem even dreamier than boys-who-don’t, from the look of things for the Jonas brothers.

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