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IndyPicforIcpostToplist.jpgWith one of pop culture’s favorite heroes having just returned to the big screen in “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” after too many years away, many sites are posting their all-time favorite Indiana Jones moments. I for one have been taking a walk down memory lane by renting the DVDs this week, and here are my favorite “Indy” moments. Undoubtedly I missed some, so leave your own favorites in the comment box below!
5. The Snake Pit, “Raiders”
A lot of surveys show this is the all-time favorite scene of Indy fans, as superhero Jones reveals even he has a weakness and must overcome his fear of snakes while standing in a huge snake pit.

4. Shooting the Swordsman, “Raiders”
The Jones franchise has always been great at combining humor and action. One of the classic scenes of all time was when Indy nonchalantly kills a flashy swordsman too busy doing tricks to realize he’s about to die.
3. The Nazis Melting, “Raiders”
Yes, it’s a gory moment, but it is a powerful accent to the closing of the first movie in which the Ark of the Covenant is protected from the bad guys.
2. The Mine Cart Ride, “Temple of Doom”
Another classic scene of fun and action, it gave a twist to a car scenario and I always wished I could have been along for that ride!
1. The Leap of Faith, “Last Crusade”
“Last Crusade” is my favorite Indy move and there are many symbolic moments, but my favorite is when the skeptic hero must literally and emotionally take a leap of faith over a chasm as part of his rescue of the Holy Grail.

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