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tommywalkerpic.jpgSince I am not a big follower of the ever-increasing amount of Christian worship music available, I may never have stumbled across Tommy Walker’s music if it hadn’t been for my time in Los Angeles in the ’90s where every evangelical–of any denomination–knew his name.
That’s because Walker has been the worship leader at L.A.’s megachurch Eagle Rock Christian Assembly for more than a decade, but he has not had the kind of recording career that certainly other worship leaders have (think Darlene Zaesch and others). Perhaps that is because Walker’s tunes are so catchy, so musically tight in their arrangements that it is deceptively easy to dismiss them as nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, though he has released several recordings through his Get Down label or through other outlets, his latest CD “Have a Hope” is actually his first studio recording with a major label. And while nothing can compare to his live recordings, “I Have a Hope” is filled with uplifting, inspiring music that celebrates the promises and the glory of God.

What seeps into every note and every word of every song he sings is his undeniable passion for God. Whenever I listen to Walker’s music, I get the feeling that if Walker couldn’t sing out to God, he would absolutely burst. And mixed with that passion is an equally undeniable sense of humility as if every song is offered up as a gentle gift.
“In The Light of Your Glory” and “Speak To Me” reflect a soul willing to put aside any and all desires that keep him from seeing circumstances in anything other than a heavenly perspective. But Walker is also a master at creating powerful worshipful anthems that cry out to God on behalf of the church body and “Hallelujah, We Will Sing” and “From Jerusalem” will certainly become favorites in the church community.
My personal hope for “I have a Hope” is that while it may not be the very best of Walker’s work, it will serve as a great introduction to his volumes of worship music for many Christians looking for a new, moving and authentic worship collection.

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